Welcome to The Berättelsen System

Don't mind the murderers. Come in, if you please.

Don't listen to the insane. Smell the smoke in the breeze.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay, if you live to tell the tale.

You shouldn't try to leave, it's certain you will fail.

What is Berättelsen?

This should purely focus on the structure, culture, people, and beliefs of Berättelsen.

Berättelsen is a binary star system in the Minecraftia Galaxy. The system is made up of bright yellow Berättelsen A and the smaller blue Berättelsen B, with four main planets [sometimes referred to as servers] orbiting the two stars: Hörlurar; Vattenmassor; The Nether; and The End.

For the characters whose origins lie within the Berättelsen System, please see the Characters page.

Change Log

The Berättelsen System

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